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We are a Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, we are leaders in the manufacture of Thermal Insulation panels, we have the most innovative and advanced systems in the world to offer and guarantee the highest quality standards. Our quality certificates include (UL) Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual (FM), FIDE seal, ONNCCE, approved by the FDA.

Our quality certificates are (UL) Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual (FM), LEED, Sello FIDE, and we ONNCCE Green Mortgage approval.

Vision: be the leading company in the country and beyond to international markets thermal generating ideas and strategies that make us grow by contributing to the improvement of global society with new methods and sustainable products. 

Mission: To provide the market with solutions in the implementation of building systems energy savings, with the best thermal materials, appropriate technology and service contributing to the overall development and improvement of quality of life of society in general. 

We have an excellent geographical position, which allows us to be the logistics center for the supply of such materials to various world markets, as we have in the case of Morelia, Michoacán have the largest port in the Mexican Pacific to less than 300 km (Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán), are located between the two largest consumption centers in the country (Mexico City and Guadalajara, Jal.) and we have the main corridor multimodal (NASCO) with access to the Atlantic Ocean from Canada, road and train, thanks to agreements signed with companies such as Kansas City Southern de Mexico. 

Our products offer energy savings (in climate controlled areas) generation of spaces of comfort (avoid moisture) and safe areas (non-flammable). Ideal for walls, ceilings, interiors, building systems, cooling and anywhere that requires control temperature and save energy. 

We offer solutions for the construction of warehouses, offices, homes, schools, cold rooms and even the remodeling industry. 

Our prices, delivery, quality and guarantee our place as the most competitive in the market. 

For more information please contact your local distributor or directly to the factory. 







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