Certification UL
Underwriters Laboratories.
Qualified products with "zero" fire spread
Certification FM
Factory Mutual.
High performance products in critical situations.
Certification NOM
Mexican Official Standards.
NOM-018-ENER-1997 Thermal insulation for buildings
Certification LEED
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.
For his attributes friendly environment complies with the LEED seal.
Certification FIDE
Trust for saving electricity..
For its thermal performances complies with the Seal of the Trust to Save Electricity.
Aislapanel Warranty
Thermal Insulation and Structural Panel
The best warranty certificate thermal market.
Exclusive and patented process by Aislapanel®..
Maximizes the surface attributes of Termofoam®

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We are a company with more than 30 years experience in the plastics industry; we are leaders in the manufacturing of thermo-insulated panels and have the most innovative systems in the world to offer you the highest standards of quality and warranty.

We have an excellent geographical position, which allows us to be the Center of Logistics for the supply of such materials to various world markets, as we have in the case of Morelia, Michoacán to the largest port in the Mexican Pacific to less than 300 km.

We are located between the two major consumption centers of the country (Mexico City and Guadalajara, Jal.)

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Termofoam ® is based thermal insulation foams, "Zero flame spread, high compressive strength, only with coverion process, special measures and machimbrado straight cut.

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Structural panel walls and slabs. high efficiency, easy to adapt, windows, wiring, piping, perfect for your quick construction projects and efficient.

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